On a recent trip to Vietnam I experienced my first deep-tissue Hot Stone Massage.  I remember walking out of the treatment and declaring to my husband it was the best massage I had ever had, and I was going to learn how to do that!

Wind the clock forward 18 months and I am now a fully qualified Remedial Hot Stone Therapist.  So, what is it exactly and why is it so good I hear you ask?  Unlike what many people know and have experienced as a hot stone massage it is not just a fluffy day spa-style treatment that makes you relaxed but has little benefit. In fact, it offers the best of both worlds.

The hot stones are used to perform the massage strokes and because they are warm and smooth, they feel nurturing and have a quite relaxing effect.  The difference is, these stones get deep into the muscles, the heat helps to soften the fascia allowing penetration of up to 3cm into the muscle.   It is also much more efficient than a standard massage with each stroke of the stones equivalent to three hand strokes. 

It’s no secret that heat helps to treat chronic injuries, so the combination of heat and massage at the same time can have amazing results.  The stones can be used on any part of the body using various techniques.

The stones used are generally basalt stones, also known as black volcanic rocks.  These types of stones have a high iron content and therefore retain heat.   During a massage treatment these stones are kept warm in a special stone heater which keeps them a constant temperature of 54 degrees.

If you have read this far and you are still not convinced that a remedial hot stone massage will change your life, here are the top five benefits:

  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Increased circulation
  • It feels amazing!!

Whether you have tried Hot Stone Massage before or it’s new to you, it’s worth giving a Remedial Treatment a go. If it’s anything like my experience,  it will leave you feeling so relaxed you will want to dribble, you will feel amazing and you will be wanting to come back for more!