computer muscle

As a massage therapist one of the most common conditions I treat is tight upper back and neck muscles. I refer to these as the computer muscles!

A majority of my clients who have these tight computer muscles, spend long days sitting at a desk. This inevitably leads to poor posture, rolled shoulders and a sore neck.

Obviously regular massage can help to alleviate the ‘pain in the neck’ but there are other things that can be done between massages to keep the neck and shoulders happier.

One of these is strengthening the back muscles. By working to strengthen the mid back (rhomboid/mid traps/Lats) this pulls the Shoulder blades back helping to also pull the shoulders back into alignment and improve posture.

Releasing through tight pecs and anterior shoulders can also help to stop the chest from pulling the shoulders forward. This can be done using a trigger or spikey ball and applying pressure to those muscles to release them.

Another great thing to do is take regular breaks from the computer and stretch out tight muscles. This also allows you to regularly reset your posture.

If you need help with stretches or how best to release your tight muscles between massage treatments ask me next time you book in for a massage. I can demonstrate the best stretches for you and also show you how to get the most out of a spikey ball or foam roller.