Runner ImageRegardless of whether you run for fun or are training for a marathon the benefits of incorporating massage into your program cannot be underestimated.

Running puts muscles under load through sustained, repetitive muscle contractions.  The main benefit of a good massage is it can help to relieve the tension in those muscles.  Tight muscles can restrict movement and impair range of motion which can lead to imbalances and overuse injuries if left untreated.

Massage also increases blood circulation to the muscles which helps in the recovery process.  A massage can also help the body and mind to relax, reducing stress, which is also great for overall health.

Massage reduces muscle soreness and fatigue meaning you can recover faster and be out training sooner, harder and faster, which will ultimately improve your running performance.

So when is the best time to get a massage?

Regular massage throughout your training program will help to keep your muscles in the best possible condition.   I recommend a massage once a fortnight when training for a specific event and monthly at other times.

The best time to get a massage is 2-3 days before an event.  This gives the body time to recover from the massage before the run.

Following an event, it is best to give the body a few days’ rest before getting a massage.