One of the most frequent Muscle Knotquestions I get asked is ‘What is a knot?’  The simple answer is it is a hyper-irritable spot in the muscle that presents as a palpable lump or tender taut band.  Commonly referred to as a Trigger Point, the spot is generally painful on compression and if ‘active’ can refer pain to other areas in the body.

Although there’s no scientific agreement on why knots form, they have a tendency to be evident after a muscle is strained or injured, which can be caused by repetitive motion or postural issues.   The most common places for knots to occur are in the shoulders, back or neck.  They can, however, be found all over the body.

Knots can reduce range of motion which can make certain activities or movement painful.  A knot can be effectively treated through massage.  A massage therapist should be able to manipulate the area, stretching out and relaxing the muscles and breaking up adhesions.  Trigger Point massage is specifically designed to treat knots through a series of compressions where a force is applied to the trigger point until it is deactivated.   This releases tightened muscles which can alleviate pain and increase range of motion.

Regular massage is highly effective in releasing muscle tension and stress, meaning you will have less ‘knots’ to worry about, helping you to maintain general health and keep you feeling your best.